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Welcome to The Costa Rica Restaurant Review

mnsrconnoisseur | 12 March, 2008 23:55

A hearty welcome to all and sundry from The Costa Rica Restaurant Review

As you would expect from the name of this weblog, I will be reviewing restaurants in Costa Rica on a semi-regular basis. My thoughts, feelings, and "expert opinion" will be abundantly available on the pages of this blog. My most recent restaurant review will always be available on our homepage at Past reviews will always be available in the sites restaurant review archive.

Check this site prior to your next foray into the Costa Rica dining scene.  Find out whether the restaurant you intend to visit is a hidden gem, is at least worth its pricetag, or isn't worth the cost of the gas to get there!

Please note, the independent thoughts, experiences, and opinions of our visitors are always welcome -- whether they agree with our review or not.  Feel free to post your comments.  But beware restaurant shills!  We will unmercifully delete posts and ban users that do not give honest reviews and are apparently under the employ of the reviewee restaurant.

Buen provecho!

Monsieur Connoisseur (M.C.)
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