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California Western - Restaurant Review

mnsrconnoisseur | 28 April, 2008 18:31


Unfortunately, as happens quite frequently with many of the "hobby" or "amateur" restaurants that pop up all over the place in Costa Rica, California Western has closed.  There is another restaurant where California Western used to be, but I have not yet had the opportunity to try it out.

The below review is kept only for archive purposes.



California Western is, quite simply, a hamburger shop.  You can order hamburgers or salads.

I went with a friend on a Wednesday afternoon at about 4:30 pm, and the place was totally empty.  Hoping this wasn´t an indication that the food wasn´t edible, we went ahead and ordered a classic burger each, and a half of a salad to share. They have a nice selection of salads -- we ordered the "Hollywood". 

Our order had been taken almost immediately (since we were the only ones there), but there was certainly no hurry in preparing the food.  I think we must have waited a good twenty minutes or more before being served.

My burger was good sized, well prepared, and came with onion rings and potato chips.  The salad was visually appealing, well prepared with a nice variety of ingredients, and was also surprisingly large for being only a half order.

After we finished eating we collected the bill, and noted that we had the pleasure of enjoying a late lunch for two people for around $12.

So, to summarize, we received a restaurant quality hamburger (that is to say, a REAL ¨homemade¨ burger, as opposed to some frozen and reheated patty made mostly from genetically modified soybeans like you get at McDonalds, or even the tasteless pre-made frozen ¨tortas de carne¨ that are the main ingredient of the hamburgers you find at most of the Costa Rican sodas) for a good price (much less than one would pay for a hamburger at, say, TGIF, Tony Roma´s, or Outback Steakhouse) in a comfortable and clean environment with friendly service.  The only downside was the wait for the food.  I don´t know how they possibly manage when the place is actually BUSY.  But perhaps it was the time of day we went or some other factor which led to the wait.

Please feel free to comment on whether your experience with this restaurant is similar, or if your waiting times are better (or worse).  As my experience of California Western was more or less positive, I will likely eat there again, and will perhaps post an updated review when I do.


Note:  California Western is located in the Center of Escazú, 350 Meters East of the Old Municipality Building

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