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Ichiban - Restaurant Review

mnsrconnoisseur | 28 August, 2008 21:52

Ichiban is a Japanese restaurant and is a fairly popular location for sushi in the San Jose metro area. 

I have eaten at Ichiban numerous times.  From a quiet dinner with a companion and two other friends for the Teppan Yaki style dinner, to the executive Bento Box lunches for business meetings on numerous occasions.  I have eaten at their restaurant in Rohrmoser, as well as in Escazú (update: Unfortunately the Escazu' location is now closed).  The food I have eaten there so far has ranged from acceptable to absolutely fantastic.  One of the dishes ordered by one of my fellow diners when we went for Teppan Yaki was a fresh tuna dish that was spectacular, and I would recommend it to anyone going to Ichiban for dinner.

However, my most recent excursion to Ichiban was once again for a lunchtime business meeting.  There were three of us at the meeting, and we all orderd a different Bento Box lunch.  The other two ordered the chicken varieties (one also ordered the additional sushi and dessert package), and I ordered the terriyaki beef lunch with the additional sushi and dessert.  All of the ordinary bento box lunches come with a small bowl of miso soup as a starter, followed by your main plate which has salad, some crunchy rice noodles, and fried rice.  Then there is also the entree, which is different depending on the particular bento box that you order.  There are chicken, beef, and vegetarian options.  If you order the additional sushi package, you get 8 pieces of sushi that are served at the beginning of your meal, and then you also get a medium sized dish of ice cream at the end of the meal.

I very much enjoyed my bento box lunch.  The terriyaki beef was quite enjoyable.  Between the soup and the sushi and all the other components of the meal that I mentioned above, there was plenty of food to satisfy me -- at least for lunch.  The main challenge for me was eating the rice with my chopsticks.  If you dont want to be bothered to participate in such cross-cultural dining experiences, then you can ask for silverware.  For good measure, one of my companions allowed me to try the tempurah chicken that she had ordered.  It was good, but I preferred my own beef dish.

So, what should all this cost?  A satisfying business lunch for three in a comfortable environment cost a grand total of less than $24 -- and that included a tip!



Note: Ichiban has restaurants in Belen and Rohrmoser.

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