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Bagelmen's - Restaurant Review

mnsrconnoisseur | 11 November, 2008 20:10

Bagelmen's is a chain of seven cafe style restaurants available in various parts of Costa Rica.

It is difficult to measure Bagelmen's strictly by the food available there.  This is a coffee shop that serves as a convenient and quiet meeting place, and offers free wireless internet access for any and all of its patrons that have a laptop computer to bring with them.

In terms of food, as this is merely a cafe, there isn't a large selection, though there are the types of things you would expect at a cafe.  Coffees, teas, cold drinks, cookies, muffins, bagel sandwiches, salads, wraps, and of course many different types of bagels.

I have tried the BLT wraps, and a couple of the sandwiches.  For the money, I like the pastrami sandwich on a whole wheat bagel, and they always seem to do a decent job as far as the preparation goes.  

While I feel the quality of ingredients used by Bagelmen's is probably on the higher end, the food and drinks available here are also a little more costly than would normally be warranted.  If you are satisfied by a cup of coffee and a sandwich, you can get that for $10 to $12, but if you are looking to sit down and actually EAT, then look elsewhere.  Even if you want to stop somewhere only for a quick cup of coffee, go elsewhere.  However, as I remarked above, Bagelmen's cannot be evaluated strictly on the basis of the food and drinks they offer.  If, in addition to your coffee or bagel, you would like to relax and surf the web, or check your e-mail, then Bagelmen's definitely offers a very good value.


Note:  Bagelmen's has locations in San Pedro, Curridibat, Cariari, San Antonio de Belen, San Rafael de Escazu, Guachipelin Escazu, and Jaco.

Visit their website at

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